The fashion industry has been the most celebrated domain around the globe. People find it enticing to be an ethereal part of it. Who would not, the gravity of the space is as such, sumptuous and resplendent. It is quite a seductive career option for the young designers who are allured by glittery fashion shows. Before jumping onto the perks of being a fashion designer, let's debunk the misconceptions related to it.

A fashion designer is a master of sewing

The fashion industry is more than just sewing clothes all day. A thorough evaluation of customer trends and preferences, a clear-cut understanding of resource allocation, technology verticals, building an immersive marketing mix model to build brand image, etc., are the various domains of the fashion industry. Even though they are not directly involved in designing aspects, they work in parallels.

All designers know the art and science of sketching

This statement may have been true a decade ago. With the emergence of technology and artificial intelligence, the norm of traditional sketching has become a misconception. In the present market, you can effectively sketch a design using a variety of computer software, and you need not be perfect in doing so while the software does the rest of the work. The only mandatory requirement is the zeal to research and understand the market in a way no one else does.

Fashion designers are the party people

If we are party people, when do we work. We are humans like anyone else. We have our priorities, and according to that, we work. If the situation demands to attend the inauguration of an art gallery, we will dress up as sober as we can be. It all depends on our work calendar. We too have a family and have other responsibilities. Fashion designing is a part of our life, not our entire life.

The fashion industry is all about glamour

The fashion industry is full of glamour only when it is designed by the fashion people. The designers have to go through a lot of hardships to portray the industry as fashionable as it looks. They have to travel with piles of bags to collect samples for making a bride, The Sabyasachi Bride. They have to work on the dresses until they have those puffy dark circles under the eyes for the ramp show tomorrow night. All that glitters is not gold perfectly aligns with this scenario.

You need to have phenomenal creativity to enter the fashion designing world

It absolutely does not make sense. There are so many designers who do not even know the basic difference between fashion and style. To survive and make a name in this cut-edged competitive world, most designers copy designs making minor modifications to them, and have their trademark on them. The fundamental requirement is that you need to have the skills to survive.

No fashion designer wears flats/flip-flops

This can only be said by someone who has suffered the pain of heels. It is literally unbearable to spend an entire day in heels, even Kristen Stewart took off her heels on Cannes red carpet. We are designers, not models. Fashion designers have a hectic schedule. They have to run to the store to check the feedback, attend scheduled meetings with paparazzi or models, double-check the inventory for resources, and they are not possible in heels. A comfy life with a creative attitude is what makes a fashion designer.

Every single person in the industry is a fashion icon

Not true at all. The fashion industry, not necessarily, is comprised of designers. There are photographers, bloggers, stagers, craftsmen, and many more. Each person has the freedom to decide and choose for himself. We have people with zero panache to people with elegance as supermodels. The industry is relatively chic but certain fragments choose to complement it by being backstage.

Get fashion critics and want to give everyone a makeover, always

It's a myth. The fashion industry has an inclusive culture that respects everyone. Though the designers strive to curate the best designs, they do not criticize or look down on anyone's looks. The job of fashion designers is to coat the outer looks of the people without changing their fashion sense. It's an innate quality every designer possesses.

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Fashion designing is an easy career option

Learning fashion is not an easy job. It is way more complicated than people presume. The fashion design outlook is objective and ever-evolving. Unlike Maths, Physics, and Biology, there is no definite rule to ace the game. It is experimental and is based on trends and customer preferences. There is no particular theorem or formula that can be followed to put the work on the table. Students work quite hard to understand the verticals of customers' expectations to land upon that one elite design.

No scope for growth

The passive psychology of the masses is not aware of the various domains that are now accessible with fashion designing. A fashion designer is predominantly a user who thinks from a customer perspective. This allows the designer to run fashion blogs to educate people about the trends. A fashion designer can be a marvelous photographer and editor as he knows the implicit aspects which can be molded to craft a Vogue cover. He can even be an influencer-cum-teacher to make way for the young and aspiring minds in the fashion industry.

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