Her family is also very strong in Hangzhou, otherwise she can't easily become the president of the student union all the way, and she is not afraid that Duan Qi will retaliate. And Duan Qi, who saw Chen Yingjie appear, showed a playful smile on his face and said indifferently: "Oh, this is not our chairman. How can you come to the canteen to eat when you are free? Count me whatever you want to eat." "Don't say useless." Chen Yingjie said with a cold face and then continued to ask, "I told you not to make trouble. Zhi Lin is my successor. If you dare to make any plans, not only my school will not let you go." "Can the school eat me? Don't you know that my nai and the headmaster are classmates?" Duan Qi smiled disdainfully. But instead of continuing to run wild, he sold Chen Yingjie a face and waved to several younger brothers: "Yes, the big chairman is here. Let's not make trouble." "Go quickly and don't be garrulous." Finally, Chen Yingjie also made a complaint. When he left, Duan Qi pointed to Lin Yu's cheek and said, "I hit you every time I see you." Seeing that Chen Yingjie was here, Lin Yu did not continue to walk towards Wang Qingshan and Lin Yuyi without being noticed. He patted Wang Qingshan on the shoulder and said, "Go on with your breakfast." Are you all right? Feeling that Lin Yu was too calm, Wang Qingshan asked worriedly. Lin Yu was pushed just now, and he saw it clearly. I'm fine. I just got pushed. Lin Yu smiled indifferently and did not look at Yang Zhilin,Time Delay Tap, but he could feel that the other party had cast a doubtful look at him. He knew that Yang Zhilin was wondering why she kept a low profile and did not show her abnormal force value. Several girls around Yang Zhilin were disappointed with Lin Yu from the bottom of their hearts. Originally, they thought he was a hero, but they didn't expect that he could not bear to be pushed and shoved without fighting back. Lin Yuyi, who had come over at the same time, opened his mouth to comfort him and said, "It's all right. You're a key student,stainless steel toilet, and that playboy doesn't dare to do anything." "Yeah, I know. Let's eat." Lin Yu is very introverted to say. Of course, he did not worry about himself, only worried that Yang Zhilin so red will not be missed every day around him, but if he is not there will not be very dangerous. We have to come up with a solution. Lin Yuxin, who continued to eat breakfast with Wang Qingshan and Lin Yuyi, kept pondering. Judging from the current situation, the college is definitely going to build Yang Zhilin. Her popularity in Zhejiang University must be getting higher and higher, and more and more people like her. The enemy is in the dark and the girl is not easy to handle in the open. Maybe one day there will be some people who don't care about the school. It seems that we have to ask the master for some advanced pesticides, and then let Xiaoyue guide Zhilin to learn some martial arts to see if she has talent. When Lin Yu thought, his cell phone suddenly received a text message. He looked down and saw that it was Yang Zhilin's number. Are you worried about me? "I'm worried, but I can't protect you 24 hours a day, Manual Flush Valve ,Prison toilet for sale, so I'm a little confused. I want to hire a bodyguard (female Xing) for you." Lin Yu replied with a smile. I was wondering if you could give me some defensive techniques, just in case. Yang Zhilin, who understood that she was in some danger, replied. Of course, but I think it's better to let Xiaoyue teach you at the beginning. She learns very quickly. And I recently went to buy two trackers and put them on you and Xiaoyue. In case of any accident, I can find you quickly. Lin Yu added. Why not three? Put one on you for us to track. Yang Zhilin looked up in the direction of Lin Yu. Lin Yu, who felt her sharp eyes, replied: "Well, today I will find someone to help me buy it. After breakfast, I will report it. I will do some first and then go to the classroom later." "You're going to teach that dude a lesson." Yang Zhilin guessed. You know me best. After Lin Yu replied, he got up and looked at Lin Yuyi and Wang Qingshan and said, "My girlfriend is looking for me. I'll go to the medical school. You can report first without waiting for me." "Yes." See Lin Yu with a smile text message of two people feel should be such a thing is also showing an ambiguous smile, but also feel that Lin Yu this person is very loyal, obviously have a girlfriend also for the same school girl Yang Zhilin. At this time, Duan Qi did not go far and was sitting at the door of the canteen building, smoking together on the steps next to the stairs. Lin Yu was noticed by them the moment he came out. These people, including Duan Qi, looked at Lin Yu maliciously with a strange smile on their faces. Ha ha, come on, brother, let's go and talk. Duan Qi exhaled the smoke in his mouth and then went to Lin Yu's side and said, seemingly affectionately. But everyone knows that he is Sima Zhao's heart. Lin Yu, of course, knows that this is exactly what he expects. There is only one way to frighten a wolf, and that is to scar it forever. And there is another purpose for him to find the other party, that is, he wants to know that the most famous hoodlums in Zhejiang University are all that, so as to make an advance. It is even possible to sue in advance. The dining hall of the School of Management is very close to the dormitory building, and there is a not dense peach forest between the two, where dating couples often appear on summer nights. Duan Qi didn't want to be seen by Chen Yingjie, so he talked and laughed and took Lin Yu to the peach forest. Looked around to make sure nothing to see, then ordered with a sneer: "Get him, this kind of small yakuza do not play do not know how to write long Xing." "All right." Next to him, a sophomore in the Department of Physical Education echoed a sentence and trotted towards Lin Yu. When he approached, he would suddenly throw a punch straight to his face. (Net) s Chapter 023 kneel down! The wind is not light, the misty white clouds seem to stop the same, the branches of the peach tree has bloomed one after another or blooming or budding peach blossoms look very beautiful, although not as beautiful as the cherry blossoms of Wuhan University, but still do not have a flavor. The time is still early,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, the weather is not hot, but after such a sports student punched, Lin Yu obviously felt a heat wave hit his face. Then he showed a cold smile and threw his fist directly at his opponent's fist. And this athletic student with a strong physique was not his opponent. He only felt a huge rebound from his fist and flew backwards. cnkexin.com

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