Usually, a full-service carrier like Vistara and Air India provides free meals, but you should keep in mind that their ticket rates are higher than other airlines. Hence, it's quite obvious that they indirectly charge you to pay for the free meal with their expensive tickets. Other airlines like Indigo and Spicejet are considered low-cost carriers and do not provide any free meal service. However, you can opt for a meal during your journey at an additional cost.

If you often get confused if your airline serves free meals or not or if it has other facilities like wifi, then I suggest you should try booking through the Blinctrip app. This new-age flight booking platform not only does provide exciting offers on flight tickets but also provides you with useful information about your journey so that you always stay on top of your trip.

Some of the useful Blinctrip features are-

  1. Tells you if the airline comes with a meal or wifi facility
  2. Gives you a detailed itinerary of your journey from the source to the destination address
  3. Giving timely notification about boarding gate changes, luggage belt number, flight delays etc.
  4. You can save your travel documents in the app for easy check-in at the airport
  5. It also notifies you about the right time to leave your home to reach the airport on time.

Flight Booking: Book Domestic & International Air Tickets Online at Lowest Airfare - Blinctrip

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