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This is in someone else's house! Are you guests or bandits? Zhan Ruonan took out Xia Shao's words to teach people a lesson, but her tone and manner were not as slow as Xia Shao's, but staring, unruly and angry. Ali and the gambler shuddered, and there was no doubt that if they didn't shut up, Zhan Ruonan wouldn't be as simple as a slap. As a result, the living room suddenly became quiet, Zhan Ruonan shouted to sit down, four people sat down, but Ali and gambling sister stared at each other from time to time, the face is not very good-looking. Xu Tianyin's eyes fell back to the plate of nuts in front of him and continued his work of peeling nuts. Seeing him as if the conflict had not happened just now, Zhan Ruonan looked up at him with eyebrows raised, his eyes surprised, as if he were looking at an alien species. Ali even bit her lip and glanced at Xu Tianyin secretly. Gambling sister, Ah Fang and Amin also looked up at the opposite man from time to time. Xia Shao came out of the kitchen and saw this scene. It's not that she didn't hear the noise outside, but just now she was learning to cook with Qu Ran. Listening to Qu Ran talking about her father, Xia Shao didn't take the noise outside to heart. Anyway, these people like Zhan Ruonan speak loudly and use rude words every day, and chatting is similar to quarreling. Although Xia Shao heard that things seemed to be related to men, she believed that Xu Tianyin would not do anything to these people, so she simply looked at them twice,custom cosmetic packaging, making sure that they did not fight, and then did not come out to see them. At this time, the dish came out, Zhan Ruonan and others turned to look at Xia Shao, Xia Shao's eyes fell on Ali, with a little coolness in the light. Xu Tianyin raised his eyes, his eyes fell on the hot dish that Xia Shao was carrying, and he stood up in a quiet atmosphere. He walked over,plastic laminted tube, did not speak, but put the dish in her hand on the table, and then his eyes fell on her water-stained apron, came back around to help untie it, and then led Xia Shao to the place where he had just sat, pushing things in front of him. A cup of warm water and a plate of nuts. Summer peony heart a warm, soft smile. He never liked this kind of noisy environment, but today he accompanied her out for a day. When she went back at night, she considered not reading and spending more time with him. Xu Tianyin went into the kitchen to help serve the dishes. He obviously didn't intend to let Xia Shao touch the hot dishes. This meticulous consideration amazed Zhan Ruonan. Gambling sister whistled. Amin and Afang both looked up at Xu Tianyin. Ali bit her lips and lowered her eyes. Her expression changed in every way. Qu Mu and Qu Ran came out of the kitchen and naturally greeted everyone warmly for dinner. The atmosphere during the meal is still very good, because Qu Ran's craftsmanship is really good to say nothing! Summer peony is not too hungry, she originally just intended to taste a taste, but under a taste but a bright eyes! "It tastes good!" "Right?" Qu Ran was praised and smiled with a dimple on his left cheek, which made him look silly. This child likes to be praised for his good cooking! Of course she's happy when you say that. If her father were here, he would say where she was wrong! Qu Mu laughed from the side, but there was a look of relief at the tip of her eyebrows and the corner of her eyes. But Qu Ran turned his head and said, custom cosmetic packing ,aluminium laminated tube, "Mom, I said I could do it!"! In the future, my achievements will surpass my father and let you live a good life! As soon as Qu Mu heard this, her eyes turned red and she looked very moved. Xia Shao is gently raised eyebrows, Qu Ran said that her father is the executive chef of a star-rated hotel, that salary should not be low. But her family lives in an old community, and it seems that the conditions are very ordinary. Isn't it easy to live a good life? Is to make money, right? Zhan Ruonan took a can of beer aside and poured a mouthful, "Fat sister, the dishes are well done!"! If you want to do odd jobs, there are many restaurants in the Triad Society. I recommend them to you! Qu Ran is stupefied, Qu mother listens to the triad but dare not let the daughter go, hurriedly smiles to refuse, "Er, Xiao Nan, my mother and daughter thank you.". However, Xiao Ran is still in school and will take the university entrance examination next year. I still hope that she will focus on her studies. Our mother and daughter have survived for so many years, not less than a year and a half. Qu Ran also seemed to want to make money, but she was a little nervous about going to the triad, so she said, "Mom, you can rest assured.". Wait for me to be admitted to the university, when the school entrance guard is not so strict, I must work and study, make money to supplement the family! Let those who drove our mother and daughter away. "Xiao Ran!"! Have meal Qu Mu stopped her daughter from going on, obviously not wanting to do anything in advance. But Xia Shao heard something, and a light of unknown meaning flashed in his eyes. Qu Ran wants to work and study, not necessarily to go to hotels and other places, now just entered the millennium, the network media is not yet developed, but many things can be tried. What if it's a food column on the Internet? Xia Shao lowered her eyes and calculated that she had planned to establish a media network. It seems that it is time to look for Liu Banwang. Anyway, she thought it was about time. Many actions of Ida Real Estate need Liu Banwang's cooperation. Just tomorrow! This meal is not a long time to eat, because Qu Ran's craftsmanship is so good, Zhan Ruonan and others are hungry again, it is simply wolfing down, rushing to eat all the dishes to see the bottom. When I put down my chopsticks, I saw that it was five o'clock in the afternoon. I had made an appointment to visit Tong Tong at a kindergarten in Sham Shui Po, but now I didn't know if I could see anyone. But in any case, Xia Shao said goodbye to Qu Mu and Qu Ran and set off immediately. The mother and daughter sent Xia Shao to the gate of the community, and Qu Mu warmly greeted her to come back when she was free. Xia Shao answered with a smile and went to the car, which was driven by Xu Tianyin to the kindergarten. Xia Shao has not expected to see Tong Tong, but with a lucky mentality, if not today, can only wait until tomorrow evening to find time to come out again. But what I didn't expect was that when the car was parked on the opposite side of the community, I saw a family gathered at the kindergarten gate. When Xia Shao opened the car door, he heard a little boy's cry, which changed its tone and made his voice hoarse. The two old people coaxed and cheated, but the little boy held the railing of the kindergarten gate and refused to let go. When Xia Shao's eyes fell on the little boy,cosmetic plastic tube, he was surprised, because the little boy was very similar to the boy's photo on the information given by Xu Tianyin, and it turned out to be Tong Tong!.

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