"I don't have any wishes." Gong Yimo subconsciously replied, also feel that tonight's emperor is a little strange, she bit chopsticks, "Dayu can develop well, do not fight, and then more and more rich, in addition, there is no desire." She was absolutely sincere when she said this, because she had no desire in her eyes and said it so naturally that it was obvious that the idea had been deeply rooted in her heart. Gong Sheng couldn't help asking, "You're a daughter, and you don't want to get married and have children." Why. Why.. Gong Yimo looked at him strangely. "Father, what you said is wrong. Is getting married and having children more important than national affairs?"? Your daughter, I am so clever, so powerful, isn't it too inferior to marry?! The more she spoke, the more exultant and elated she looked. She is always like this, there is no pressure to praise herself, but people can not hate it, and even think that what she said is very reasonable! Really, people are angry and love ah! Gong Sheng stared at her without breath, endured the feeling of pain in his heart, and scolded her in a low voice. I can't stop you from eating! With these words, he disguised his hand to pick up a piece of shrimp, but was robbed by Gong Yimo halfway! "Father, you can't eat hair now, eat tofu!" Said, but also ostentatiously wrapped the prawns in his mouth, "these, let me reluctantly eat it!" How naughty! After Gong Yimo finished eating, he felt a little thirsty, so he went to carry the bowl of soup, and Gong Sheng's smiling eyes froze, watching her put the bowl to his mouth, Gong Sheng's hand pinched tightly, as if he was controlling himself. At that moment, Chang Xi had been lowering his head and raised it, staring at Gong Yimo's movements! Gong Yimo frowned, but suddenly put down the bowl and sighed. At that moment, the tight air seemed to flow, and Gong Sheng breathed a sigh of relief, but asked. What's the matter? Could it be. What did she find? Gong Yimo looked at him, his eyebrows tightened, and suddenly said seriously. Father. You Are you in poor health? Gong Sheng is very strange, "why do you say that?" Gong Yimotou leaned over a little, then quietly pointed to Chang Xi on one side and said, "Look at Chang Xi's father-in-law, his face is so bad." And father, you, you are also strange, you. Gong Yimo some worry, although the words did not finish, but the meaning is very obvious, the emperor suddenly so, is not the deterioration of the disease? Gong Sheng one Leng, pietra gray marble ,Granite Slab Supplier, looking at that close to his little face, so serious, tangled half ring or beep mouth said. Father. My words are not pleasant to hear, but if you really have any problems, don't carry them alone, tell me, I am your intimate little cotton-padded jacket! Gong Sheng will suddenly come up to the tears forced back, and had to divert the line of sight to see Chang Xi, Chang Xi plopped down on his knees, scared Gong to foam a jump! Chapter 408 of the main text rewards a bowl of soup. There must be something! "Grandfather Chang Xi, what's the matter?" Gong Yimo put down his chopsticks and asked seriously. Gong Sheng also tidied up his emotions and asked in a deep voice, "Yes, what's wrong with you old guy?"? Why do you kneel? Hearing the voice of the emperor and the princess, Chang Xi wanted to cry very much. He had always been eloquent, but at this time he could not say a word. There is poison in that bowl of soup! When the people in the room saw Chang Xi kneeling down, they all stopped their movements and panicked. But looking at the emperor's expression is very calm, not like anger, they will be quiet, motionless, but the atmosphere in the room has become very strange, so that Chang Xi's forehead are out of cold sweat! "Slave.." The slave is not feeling well. Chang Xi said so, the emperor's face eased a lot, "since uncomfortable, you go down, this does not need you to serve." But he said so, Chang Xi did not leave immediately, Gong Yimo saw it in his eyes and said to the emperor. Father, just tell me what happened? Why are you so strange tonight? Gong Sheng quietly winked at Chang Xi and asked him to go quickly. Then he said to Gong Yimo, "It's all right. Chang Xi is old. I scolded him yesterday because of one thing. He probably felt bad in his heart.." "Is it?" Gong Yimo is dubious, but looking at the back of Chang Xi's departure, it is really trembling, perhaps it is really Chang Xi himself out of the question. To change the subject, Gong Sheng said, "What about you? Where did you go yesterday?" Gong Yimo didn't think much about it. "Yesterday, I went to the shipyard with the prince's brother." Seeing that the emperor's face suddenly sank, Gong Yimolian thought he knew about his drunkenness. He stuck out his tongue and said coquettishly, "They are all old friends, so I drank a few more cups. I didn't mean to get drunk." "Why do you go to the shipyard as a girl? Does the prince still want you, a princess, to help him build a ship?" "Not really." Gong Yimo's expression was somewhat entangled. "Originally, the prince's brother just asked me some questions, but I wanted to go myself." Seeing that the emperor's face was still very ugly, Gong Yimo could not help telling the truth, "Oh." It's not a big deal. I'm going to the shipyard because, because. "Why?" Gong Sheng asked seriously. Gong Yimo blinked, moved in the direction of Gong Sheng, and said ingratiatingly. …… Before, I wanted to give you a super luxury dragon boat. Ahem, although I blew it up later, the technology is still in my mind! So I want to take this opportunity to make another dragon boat for you! Now that both sides of the canal are rich, my father can just take the boat I built to cruise south. Isn't it fun and imposing? Gong Sheng was stunned, he really did not think that Gong Yimo went to the shipyard yesterday, unexpectedly for this. Gong Yimo added, "Father, you should relax yourself. You should know that if you go out more, you will be in good health. You see, you are working hard for the state affairs every day, and your daughter is distressed." How about putting down government affairs and becoming a rich man in Jiangnan for the sake of your daughter? This is also Gong Yimo yesterday suddenly thought of,white marble mosaic, at the beginning of the ship she also very distressed, so build another one, when it is to make up for regret!. forustone.com

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