Almost six people fighting for each other, the man in yellow was rushed by more than ten swords, immediately separated from the others, the body also suffered some injuries, but under his protective immortal power, these injuries are not too serious, although Takeshi's hundred swords map is sharp, but his lack of skill can not play all the power, lethality is also very limited. But then Ji Wuhua's knife showed that the young man, who was the assistant of the gang leader with Takeshi Yuecheng, had extraordinary skills. With just one knife, the man in yellow was dismembered in two sections, and he didn't even have time to take out his own weapon. Lei Zhenzi survived the first round of sword light, angry shout was about to fight back, a cold in the back of his head, a wisp of invisible sword gas has quietly penetrated into the back of his head, Takeshi Yuecheng had already calculated this move, used in this critical moment. This master, who had risen for almost five or six hundred years and was able to squeeze into the top ten among the thousands of disciples of the Bixuan Sect, died a violent death for no reason. If he knew that Takeshi Yuecheng had two treasures in his hand, such as the Hundred Swords Map and the Invisible Sword,cosmetic tube packaging, he would never die so easily if he had put them in advance, or if he was not so careless and underestimated his opponent. But the world is changeable, as long as some mistakes are made, there is no chance to recover. Lei Zhenzi is so strong in kung fu that he can fight with Meng Shentong alone, but he died in the hands of a man whose kung fu power is only one or two percent of his. This can not be said to be a kind of irony. Two people were killed in an instant, and there was a master like Lei Zhenzi. The remaining two pairs of men and women, who had followed Lei Zhenzi,plastic packaging tube, crossed the Bixuan Sect, and even Pangaea, had not suffered much loss, but now they were timid. Without looking at Lei Zhenzi, who was already dead, Ji Wuhua showed a thought-provoking smile and shouted, "Brother Chengwu, these two men were killed. These two women are not bad. How about one for each of us?" Yuecheng Wu's mind telegraphed, and he immediately called out in secret. He admired Ji Wuhua's skill of attacking the heart very much. He echoed in his mouth: "Yes, the one in red looks shrewish. I like this kind of hot girl. The one in yellow looks like a lady. I'll leave it to Wuhua." Lei Zhenzi this group of people, just at the same time soaring, but also can not say how deep friendship, otherwise will not put the stolen goods, not immediately into the hands of each person, but also to hide. Just now, empty lotion tubes ,polyfoil tube, Yuecheng Wubaijian made a round of attacks, and it could be seen that these people were seemingly at odds with each other, and there was not much affection between them. Ji Wuhua's words just hit the soft spot in the hearts of the four people. When the two women heard Ji Wuhua and Takeshi Yuecheng talking nonsense, they wanted to accept them. They were so ashamed that they put down their worries and only said that they didn't have to die. The mood of the two men was even more complicated, and they were desperate. What Ji Wuhua wanted was this situation. With a long drink, the jade knife turned into a rainbow, flying vertically and horizontally under his manipulation, and even used the knife technique of weeping all the way. Suddenly, the two men were encircled in the light of the deep blue knife. Yuecheng Takeshi held down the ancient jade vase and silently recited the ancient incantation. One hundred and seven famous swords, which were transformed from a hundred swords, were divided into seven waves of sword light. He also threw aside the two women and fully cooperated with Ji Wuhua to launch a strong attack on the two men. The woman dressed in light yellow clothes, who still had some feelings to take care of her companions, helped to block more than ten sword lights of Takeshi Yuecheng. The woman dressed in red did not hesitate to turn around and run away, and Takeshi Yuecheng did not stop her. She secretly pinched a sword formula and urged the invisible sword to quietly rush to a red-robed man who was forced by Ji Wuhua to show a big flaw in his back. The invisible sword is invisible and invisible. It is the most insidious. Although its sharpness is not as sharp as other magic weapons, it is a first-class weapon used in sneak attack. The red-robed man felt a chill behind him and hurriedly waved a red light in his palm to meet him behind. But in his busy schedule, he blocked the invisible sword, but Ji Wuhua, who was looking for a flaw in his moves, separated the top door with a knife and split it in half from head to hip. An opponent died, Ji Wuhua also did not need the help of Takeshi Yuecheng, within three strokes to force the remaining man's flying orb, cut it into two sections at the waist. www。 xiaoshuotxt。 com Eight, the magic infinite moon spirit bead In this battle, Ji Wuhua did not make more reservations, a superb martial arts out, a jade knife alone is enough to slay the remaining four enemies. With the help of Takeshi Yuecheng, the four men were no match. After killing the two men, Ji Wuhua did not hesitate to stretch out her hand a little. A blue rainbow fit up, and without looking at the rest of the woman in pale yellow, she drove the blue rainbow straight to the direction of the woman in red. Takeshi Yuecheng curled his big mouth and said something he felt ashamed of: "If you don't give up without a fight, you'll break your body and damage your hands and feet. Uncle Ben won't be interested in keeping you alive." When the woman in yellow heard this, her body stiffened, and the group of orbs flying around her body stagnated for a moment. Takeshi pressed a hundred swords to form a huge ball of light. One hundred and seven swords were directed at the woman in yellow. The threat was obvious. This woman in yellow can't be said to be beautiful. She can only be said to be somewhat beautiful. However, over the years, one out of ten people who have ascended to Yashenzhou is a man, and very few women. Therefore, women of this level are just common in the world, but rare in Pangea. The aborigines of Yashenzhou have a balanced gender ratio, but very few of them can have feelings with these people from different worlds. The Protoss of Pangaea are even more human and animal-faced, or human and animal-headed gods. They are even more racially cut off from the possibility of harp and Luan. Unless there are a very small number of people with special emotional orientation, ordinary people are not good at doing this kind of thinking. So the woman in yellow was not worried that Takeshi Yuecheng would really kill her. After a little consideration, she took the orb in her hand and said with a forced smile, "This little brother is so overbearing. It really scares the little girl. I don't know what you have to do to let me go." Yuecheng Takeshi licked his lips, made a strange expression, and then pressed his hands, one hundred and seven sword lights fell together,plastic cosmetic tubes, immediately wearing the woman in yellow full of holes, fragrant soul misty, beauty unlucky. I don't want you to do anything. I just want you to shut up forever. 。

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