During this stay at home order, the birds, crickets, frogs, and all sorts of life has been singing beautifully to us, which happens normally, however it is heard so much better without all the vehicle noise. I would like a law passed for maximum decimals for all vehicle noise, this especially includes golf carts and any vehicles registered to Avalon and beyond. The noise is disturbing and bothersome on many levels. A vehicle should not be able to register with the city for the year if it can't pass the noise control.

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Patsy J Moore 17 days ago

As indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO), noise is second just to air contamination in the effect it has on well-being. It is a significant reason, not just of hearing misfortune. It is a significant reason, of hearing misfortune, yet additionally of coronary illness, learning issues in kids and rest unsettling influence. However traffic commotion could without much of a stretch be split, with existing innovation, if progressively tough cutoff points were embraced. But in playing games, they not giving a bad influence to it, it has a learning experience for everyone like play prodigy or just go url.