"Even if it's a spirit beast, it's the same." Yang Xiaoxiao stopped bleeding, patted his clothes and stood up, showing a sweet smile to Tong Xiao, "can you stand up?" He saw the pale golden rays of the sun fall from the ends of her hair, just in time to brush her long curly eyelashes and fall on her fingertips, which were open to him. It's like a fairy tale in a dream. Chapter 91start the game. By this time, more than twenty days had passed since the trier arrived in the Black Forest. Everyone's Reiki is almost exhausted, and here they can only rely on the most instinctive and basic means to defeat the endless stream of spirit beasts and semi-Warcraft. After discovering that the score of the same level of half-Warcraft is twice that of the spirit beast, many people are getting closer and closer to the half-Warcraft side, and also closer and closer to the sealed entrance of the Demon World. Once again, a trier who had become irritable and manic after being disturbed by the evil spirit was thrown out of the Black Forest. After the regulators counted, they found that there were only less than half of the triers left. Tut-tut, this level can really brush down a lot of people. "There are many people who are mentally unstable, so it's good to be eliminated." Yang Xiaoxiao did not know what the monks who protected and observed them in the dark were thinking, and now there were only a few people left in the woods to survive, and he knew that he must not be able to survive this strange forest. Quietly, she clung to the cliff, with only a little place to land at her feet, and then down to the height of a hundred feet high in the cold. She adjusted her breathing carefully,Stone Honeycomb Panel, holding on to the bumps on the stone wall and moving carefully. The girl did not know that someone was ready to save herself at any time. She stared intently at the little herb not far away and tried to move over. When there was still a distance of tens of centimeters, she stretched out her white and tender arm and reached out to take it, with a sharp stone between her thumb and palm. As he was about to pluck the herb, a dark shadow darted out from behind it. Without blinking, Yang Xiaoxiao had the foresight to insert the stone into the body of the shadow, let the stiff shadow fall into the abyss, dug out the herbs neatly,Agate Slabs For Sale, and then pulled the crazy vines on his waist. This forest will only absorb the spirit of foreign monks, but it will not absorb their original spirit pet. And small birth of the crazy vine also escaped, because of the combination with the Shining vine fruit, crazy vine can act without the spirit of the female doll, feel the pull of the female doll, immediately pulled Yang Xiaoxiao back from the edge of the cliff. As soon as Yang Xiaoxiao returned to the top, he immediately mixed the spirit grass he had picked with other things, mashed it in a sunken stone, squeezed out the juice and mixed it with water, and then handed it to Brother Yun next to him. Cloud sandalwood son looked at the strange liquid in the leaf, swallowed a mouthful of saliva, next to Tong Xiao several people silently staring at, eyes with a bit of bystander's schadenfreude. Because they also go to the half Warcraft side, more and more magic gas, Slate Wall Panel ,Pietra Gray Marble, many people can not carry the invasion of magic gas, was taken away by regulators. But there are still some people who are resisting the evil spirit, such as Yuntanzi. But the spirit's resistance to the evil gas does not mean that the body has completely rejected the evil gas. If the body occupied by the black gas is not cleared as soon as possible, it will hurt the foundation. A few days ago, Tong Xiao was the first to be found by three female dolls to be unable to carry the body, Yang Xiaoxiao checked for a long time before finding a way to clear the evil spirit. The three of them wore pure heart flowers and were not disturbed. So while the brothers were recuperating, they went to look for what they needed. However, the conditions here are limited, there is no alchemy furnace, there is no aura, Yang Xiaoxiao can only use the most primitive method to match those things together, firmly determined that there is still a clear role of ink seven, to Tongxiao to take. However, the liquid medicine made roughly without impurities still has some side effects, and the taste is not good. Yun Tan Zi wanted to refuse very much, but he looked at Yang Xiaoxiao with a dusty face, looked at himself longingly, gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, and quickly drank all the liquid medicine in the big leaves. The indescribable complex taste seems to divide Yuntan's tongue into several parts, even paralyzing the tip of the tongue. The young man's face changed several times, and when his tongue was able to obey the command, he reluctantly showed a smile to the expectant girl doll: "quite.." It's delicious. Yang Xiaoxiao used the system to scan it and found that the negative state behind the name of Brother Yun had disappeared, so he was relieved. But that little side effect, um.. It should be all right. Now that it's all right, let's go on our way. Jin Changmei said lightly that her two swords were gorgeous and colorful, and no one thought that she was a firm swordsman, and that these evil spirits were nothing to her. We can go to the other side of the lake first. "Yuntanzi nodded and began to talk with others, and gradually found that it was wrong." Can also get away with it ~ What's going on ~ ~! What's wrong with my words?! At the end of each sentence, Yuntanzi will take a vague and elongated ending, as if a habit, bringing out a bit of indescribable taste. Tong Xiao couldn't help laughing: "Ha ha ha!" This is the side effect of the potion! He was hiccupping for three days the other day! Tong Xiao didn't want to open his mouth at all during that time! Obviously, Yun Tan Zi doesn't want to open his mouth now. Yang Xiaoxiao did not speak. He quickly packed his small bundle and took the hand of the brother who closed his mouth tightly. He said cleverly, "Brother, let's go. Let's go to the lake to catch fish." Yun Tan Zi looked down at the girl doll who was deliberately well-behaved, sighed in her heart, touched her little head melon seeds, and still did not speak. The black crow, perched on his shoulder, rolled his eyes and said sarcastically in a flat baritone: "Ha, ha, ha, please." Cloud sandalwood son: "..." Three days later, Yun Tan Zi no longer had a coda. He looked at the three girls who had turned into little savages. He neatly packed up his things, made a fire,Calacatta Nano Glass, cooked, and set up a tent. His heart was pumping. He couldn't hold back and said, "Why do I feel like we've all been raised by three girls?" Tong Xiao paused: "also." No? He at least.. Did you help with the hunting. forustone.com

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