But at the moment he held out his hand, his mind suddenly changed. This can only be his instinctive inspiration, there is no reason, he did not push out the card, but pushed a stack of silver tickets, said with a slight smile: "Thirty thousand two, I saw." The Happy King fixed his eyes on him and did not look at the cards in his hand. "You won," he said lightly. "But I only have seven o'clock," said Shen Lang. Gently opened the card on the happy, but only a little. There was a slight sigh all around, and it was incredible to dare to hit so hard, and to see it at seven o'clock. Shen Lang won the first battle, won very beautiful, this may be the key to victory or defeat, dye incense face can not help but burst into a smile. Zheng Lanzhou sighed and rolled the dice for the second time, and the cards were separated again. Shen Lang lifted the card lightly and saw that it was a big card, a pair of perfect cards, and luck came to him again. Luck seems to take special care of him tonight. He looked quietly at the happy king. The Happy King also kept quiet and did not move at all. Is he already a little scared? Shen Lang considered, this is a rare opportunity, he can not easily let go, he can not go out more, the other side will be scared off, but also can not go out too little. He is going to give the other side a fatal blow. In the dead silence, he finally said in a deep voice, "I'll add fifteen thousand taels." This number is neither more nor less, it is just right,artificial grass panels, he wants to make the other side can not figure out his actual situation, he wants to make the other side feel that he is also afraid. The Happy King thought about having half a cup of tea, and then said to himself, "After fifteen thousand, another thirty thousand." Shen Langxin is laughing, and the Happy King really took the bait. Touching the satin-smooth back of the card with his fingertips, he deliberately pondered, "Thirty thousand.." After thirty thousand, I'll add another fifty thousand. The Happy King hesitated,silk ficus tree, as if he knew he was approaching the edge of the trap. But he finally said, "After fifty thousand, add another fifty thousand." He finally fell in, and Shen Lang felt the sound of breathing on all sides suddenly thickened. Now that the opponent has fallen into the trap he laid, he can kill with one hit, but he doesn't want to end the game too early. He thought, this is enough, enough to break the other side's spirit, after the card, will be a one-sided situation, he need not worry. So he smiled and said, "Fifty thousand taels is here. I saw it." "Very good," said the Happy King. Very good Shen Lang gently turned over the cards and said, "God.." Almost at the same time, he had seen his opponent's cards. It turned out to be a supreme treasure, an incomparable supreme treasure. The exclamations and exclamations of praise, though very carefully suppressed, were still not small when they were gathered together. Shen Lang almost did not hear, fake ficus tree ,large ficus tree, he wanted to make others fall into the trap, but he fell into the trap, this crucial battle, he was defeated. Now, he has worked hard to win more than one hundred thousand taels, have been exported. The situation has completely changed, the happy king has firmly gained the upper hand, after that, he must be in a situation of being beaten, the situation must be very difficult. He thinks that if he wins again, he must be very cautious, very careful, and wait for the second opportunity to come, otherwise he will never recover and be defeated tonight. But will there be a second chance tonight? When the opportunity comes, will he be able to grasp it? This period of time, as expected, is extremely difficult. He played very carefully, simply too carefully, Happy King is the wolf in the bet, naturally will not miss every opportunity to hit him. Five times in a row, he didn't follow up and lost twenty-five thousand taels for nothing. He didn't even see what the Happy King was. He didn't dare to look. On one occasion he did not follow up, although he knew that the living king would never have more than five points in his hand, and he had eight points in his hand. Because his confidence has been shaken, he is not sure at all, he dare not fight the battle that he is not sure, if he loses all his gambling capital, he will never have a chance to turn over. Fortunately, he later won two small victories with a pair of "miscellaneous five" opponents and a pair of "sky bars", winning back 35,000 taels, and his gambling capital increased slightly. But the Happy King shocked his "seven points" with a pair of "three points" one after another, and won his "miscellaneous nine" with a pair of "tiger head". If he hadn't used a pair of "sky bars" to make a small profit, he would have sent half of the gambling capital. Fifty thousand yuan was absolutely not enough, and ninety thousand yuan was barely enough. The dice turned crisply on the plate, the silver and the cards slid silently on the table, and the long night slipped away quietly among them. But the Happy King's eyes were brighter, and the bystanders were not tired. Only Shen Lang was a little tired in his heart. He had been beaten for too long. But he would never let anyone see it, he would never let anyone see it, and he knew that he was close to the moment of life and death. He knew that there was not much time left, and in this short period of time, if he could not grasp the time to turn over, he would never have time to turn over. He is eager to hold a good hand. He finally got it! The first one, he got "E", and the second one was "Tian Jiu". He did not win much in these two hands, but he found that the calm and sharp eyes of the Happy King were somewhat confused, and this was the time for him to fight back. He was sure that if he could hold a good card again, he could put Happy King to death. Happy King was obviously a little anxious, because his opponent was lying down, but he was still able to support him. At this time, it was the last moment of victory or defeat, and Shen Lang's time finally came. But this is his last chance. If this opportunity is missed, it will never come again. As long as Shen Lang can hold another good card. Just one good hand. He kept his fingers from trembling with all his might. He gathered up the cards gently, and the first one was "clubs". This card is good, "plum blossom" has not appeared, he still has the opportunity to pair, even if can not pair,fake blossom tree, as long as with a eight, nine, he is still the majority of the victory! He slowly pushed away the first card to reveal the second one. He felt his palm was sweating. The small tooth card seemed to weigh more than a thousand pounds. The second card turned out to be "land". Two points. Only two points. Two ***ing points. hacartificialtree.com

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