As a result, the exquisite swordsmanship of the Glacier Heavenly Maiden was useless, because she could not stab the opponent on the ground. If she used flying skills and close combat, the opponent would have the skill of "grasping Yin and Yang", and the loss outweighed the gain. Yang Chi Fu was already invincible. The Glacier Heavenly Maiden had no choice but to attack easily and defend herself with exquisite swordsmanship. The Ice Soul Cold Light Sword turned into a light that covered her from the wind and rain. She thought to herself, "I see how you can attack with your bare hands." Zhiyang Chifu was not in a hurry to break into the circle of her sword. His "Tianluo Step" and "Yin and Yang Grasp" were completely free from the threat of the Glacier Heavenly Maiden, so he could have a good time to walk around the Glacier Heavenly Maiden and send out a series of empty palms within ten feet of her. The skill of Yang Chi Fu is better than that of the Glacier Heavenly Maiden. The swordsmanship of the Glacier Heavenly Maiden can defend itself, but it can't defend against his six palms. Yang Chi Fu's palm is as tight as a palm, and the power of his palm comes from all directions. The Glacier Tiannu is like a light boat, floating east and west in the stormy waves! The Glacier Heavenly Maiden cried out in the dark, "It's not good." She thought to herself, "If the stalemate goes on like this, I can't stab the other side again, but the internal force will be exhausted by the other side first." In this situation, since it is impossible to win, it is natural to have the idea of a complete retreat. In the Glacier Heavenly Maiden, her flying skill was better than the other side's, and the other side was afraid of her swordsmanship. She wanted to retreat, but at most she was sentenced to lose the game,inflatable castle with slide, and the setting sun red amulet could not stop her. But Yang Chifu's "Tianluo Bu" can not only be used to defend, but also to intercept the enemy. As soon as the Glacier Heavenly Maiden's figure flashed, he immediately shouted, "Do you want to escape? That's not difficult. Leave your sword behind!" The sound blocked the way of the Glacier Heavenly Maiden. The Glacier Heavenly Maiden could not cope with his "Yin and Yang Catch" and dared not fight hand-to-hand with him, so she had to change her direction to escape. Yang Chi Fu followed the direction of the Eight Diagrams of Qimen, flashed and floated, and took a few steps in a circle. The Glacier Heuristic Maiden turned around and saw Yang Chi Fu in front of her. It's really a dilemma,Inflatable outdoor park, and there's nothing we can do! The original "Tianluo step" is called "Tianluo step" because this kind of footwork can encircle the enemy like a dragnet. At this time, all the people who went to the meeting thought that the prodigal daughter of the Glacier Heavenly Maiden had been exposed. The disciples of Wudang were particularly discouraged. Lei Zhenzi's face was black. As soon as the daughter of the Glacier Heavenly Maiden was defeated, he wanted to leave the meeting. Yang Chi Fu pressed harder and harder. "Oh, oh, I can only hold out for half an hour at most," said the goddess of the glacier. Just then, I heard a familiar voice in my ear: "Go to the dry side, go around, and hit his ear with an ice bomb!" Glacier Tiannu was stunned. At this time, Yang Chifu was in the "Kun" position behind her. Glacier Tiannu could not see him at all. The voice taught her to walk in the dry direction, around the abnormal position, and send ice bullets. Then the ice bullets became aimless. But the voice was so familiar, and it was said in a commanding tone that the glacier goddess had no time to think about it, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable indoor park, nor could she think about it. At that moment, she seemed to be hypnotized. According to the voice's instructions, she performed her top flying skills. As soon as she went around from the dry side to the ectopia, Bu Bu Bu popped up three ice bullets. At the same time as her ice bullets were sent out, Yang Chi Fu just appeared in front of her. The first ice bullet hit his ear, two or three ice bullets hit the dizzy points under his ears on both sides, only to hear Yang Chi Fu snorting, suddenly as if it had turned into a stone statue, it was just about to send out an empty palm, raised its hands and feet, eyes wide open, but the shape and expression remained unchanged, it was really funny and strange. "Well, do you still want my sword?" Said the Glacier Heavenly Maiden with a smile. The ice sword flashed in front of Yang Chifu, and Yang Chifu's eyelids did not move. It was obvious that the ice bullet had hit its acupoint and had taken effect. It turned out that what Yang Chidai was practicing was the most magical acupoint closing skill in the evil sect. No clever acupoint pressing technique could cure him. Only by using a hidden weapon to hit his ears could he break his acupoint closing Qigong and at the same time make him unable to move. So In fact, only one ice bullet was enough, and the other two ice bullets that hit his "dizzy hole" were superfluous. This sudden change shocked the whole audience, but in full view of the public, Yang Chifu was clearly hit by the glacier goddess, Meng Shentong this side of the people, although feel a little strange, but it is silent. "Well," said the Glacier Heavenly Maiden, "if you don't want my sword, I'll go back." Just after taking two steps, Meng Shentong suddenly shouted, "Stop!" The sound was like a bolt from the blue. The Glacier Heavenly Maiden was in a daze and said, "Jingtian, come and take this scene for me." She thought Meng Shentong was going to avenge her younger martial brother. According to the rules of the competition field, she didn't want to continue. No one could force her. As soon as Meng Shentong's eyes were swept, he breathed in the Dantian and sent his voice out word by word, saying, "Which superior has come? Please forgive Meng for the crime of missing the greeting." The voice was so loud and harsh that it could be heard within four or five miles. The sound immediately shocked the whole audience, and everyone opened their eyes wide to see what kind of superior appeared. Passed a little while, silent without response, everybody is discussed privately, Wu Tianlang relies on old sell old, Yin and Yang says in a strange way: "Meng Shentong lives to see ghost, where is what superior person?"? Can you hide it from my eyes when a superior person comes? Meng Shentong changed his complexion and shouted again, "Your hand just now serves to show your brilliance. Since you came here with your skill to oppose me, why did you hide happily in the dark and dare not show up?" Meng Shentong's words caused an uproar in the Wudang Sect. Lei Zhenzi scolded, "Bah, don't take risks. Do you want to blame this?" All the people present,Inflatable outdoor park, except the Glacier Heavenly Maiden, were puzzled. Meng Shentong ignored Lei Zhenzi's clamor and asked himself, "We are both famous people in the martial arts world. We don't lie. Did someone secretly send you a message just now?" 。

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