Meeting Time: May 13, 2020 at 5:00pm PDT

Agenda Item

1. Update on State and County Guideline and Urgency Ordinances Assistant City Manager Michael Parmer will give an update on COVID-19 related orders from the State and County.

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    Becki Snellen 3 months ago

    All of the proposed ideas for transient boaters are just fine with us. Just let us come for Memorial Day weekend so we can celebrate our daughters 14th birthday. We are ok with staying on our boat and enjoying activities on the water. The only need to come to shore would be to walk our dog, hike and get to go food for dinner. If we can shop, fantastic!

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    Laura Whitby 3 months ago

    Failing to plan, is planning to fail... if we dont give preferance to the hotels to book the limited seats on the boat, our town will be full of day trippers who bring their sack lunches and have no place to go... if our limited boat seats are filled with people who stay the night they will be off the streets, having food delivered and walking up to buy goods from retail. We have to be smart because we cannot stop them from coming, but we can do this smart & safe with intention. We need to fall back in line with county and start planning how to manage the visitors that are coming...

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    Michael Whitby 3 months ago

    Please read anonymously:

    Is the city tracking or aware of the legal action against the county and state related to the arbitrary categorization of non-essential businesses and the impingement of civil rights?

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    Connie Stewart 3 months ago

    If campgrounds and beaches are closed to recreation and you open for boaters, are you complicit in breaking the law and setting yourself up for litigation?

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    Debbie Wright 3 months ago

    Why are we speaking about transient rentals since those are in the same category as hotels which is currently stage 4?