Will you be have more city council meeting now since we are so close to reopening or possibly a daily update so we can stay informed as to where we are at each day. I understand it's a lot to ask but it is our only way of being certain where our community stands on reopening to visitors. Thank you for all your hard work!

Governor Newsom just announced Stage 2 (low risk business) and Stage 3 (high risk business). Will there be a list of which businesses are considered low risk vs high risk? For example will private tours be considered low risk or high risk? Knowing which businesses will be considered low risk vs high risk will help in planning for reopen in terms of hiring employees. With all the business currently lost to each and every business owner every day will count in terms of income once allowed to reopen so having the staff readily available will be crucial. I’m hoping this can be addressed as soon as possible for all business on the Island everyone knows how to move forward.
On a side note thank you all for your dedication and hard work to our community!